Our company builds a wide network of developers, designers and constructors home and aboard. We draw upon the profound experience and vision to find what our clients are looking for. Absolutely, we highly respect the original design concept and environmental safety when fabricating the lighting fixture. In the field of lighting art, we commit that all the high quality materials and professional techniques should be applied and can not abide any goods of second quality.

We make the greater change in company structure and establish the partnership with Swarovski crystal brand by standing the shoulder of giant. Moreover, landmark projects, custom and standard products can be offered to meet various requirement from clients. Different from the previous ones, this unprecedented edition will not only provide a collection of photographs from the past, but also inscroll the systematic illustration of lighting. We wish our new catalogue could depictour heirloom lighting career.

Company Culture

Hing Fat Lighting International Limited., founded in 1984, provides lighting service for deluxe residence sample flats, real estate developers, homesteads, private lounges, hotels, etc. Since 1996, we have been cooperating with famous Austria crystal manufacturer SWAROVSKI, becoming its first partner around Hong Kong. Furthermore, we are also one of the quality members of Hong Kong Tourism Board. All of these identify that our customized products and technical support service have reached a high level and been well received.

Product Characteristics

Decorative lighting can bring diversified architectural styles to life with its dazzling rays. We adhere to the best handicraft skills and pursue creative design in the world. The perfect diffusing effect can be made by different shape of crystals. It evokes a sense of remarkable beauty and opulence and leads the supreme trend. We inspire the fashionable design into the lighting by alternative materials to represent some contemporary masterpieces. Besides, the safe support system of lighting becomes our most important mission.

Project & Retail

We distribute the staffs to search for the potential lighting brands in every years European exhibition. The success that we achieve is to supply over 100 European brands of lighting and ornament heretofore. These are displayed in our showroom called Aigle Crystal Decor Ltd, which is authorized to use the certification of a quality shop by the Hong Kong tourism board.

Among the fierce competition of this epoch, we create our own products to establish the eternal reputation. Moreover, we cooperate with designers from different countries as the strong intellectual resources and implement numerous fascinating projects of Hotels,Residential Premises, Clubhouses & Show Flats.



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